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AVT are experts within assembly equipment. With assembly of components, it is common that the parts are screwed together. Screwing can be performed manually with a process monitored screwdriver or alternatively fully automated. We integrate screwdrivers from Atlas Copco, Bosch and other brands. We also build our own screwdrivers based on servo technology. This is usually when existing standard screwdrivers aren’t sufficient or if a simpler and more cost-effective solutions is required.

The parameters that are commonly measured and logged are:

That the screw is tightened to the correct force.

That the correct number of rotations have been performed.

Through monitoring the process, errors in screwing are prevented, whether its defective screws and screwing process or that predefined setpoints for torque are not achieved.

With automated screwing, the screws are often fed from a vibratory feeder and also together with washers. The screws are then blown into position through a tube to the screwdriver tooltip and then screwed into the product. When many screws are to be screwed into various positions, a robot can be used and different product parameters can be used.