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Assembly lines

AVT have indepth of experience of production assembly lines mainly discrete assembly, but also machining. We have extensive expertise regarding discrete assembly processes and we have developed a wide variation of applications and solved many challenging tasks through the years.

Before making an investment it is extremely important to investigate all supply chain processes, material movement and bottle necks.

We perform balancing of the production lines, optimise cells and stations to optimise process flows and minimise unnecessary material movement and management according to LEAN principles. We analyse work flows, capacity, processes, capabilities, variants and based on these parameters we suggest concepts and solutions, that will add value to your supply chain and future proof your production processes.

An assembly line is often built with an assembly conveyor utilizing pallets optimised for the products weight and size. A fixture is mounted onto the pallet for the various products that are to be assembled. Depending on which processes are required, the system needs to support different capabilities, tolerances, accuracies and weights which are critical simultaneously providing full access to the production line stations. In some cases rotary fixtures are required or other solutions that present the product in different positions. Both manual and automated stations can be combined, to fulfil the processes and complexities of the work flows. 

Hedström Hedström

Hedström Hedström

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Martin Book

Martin Book


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