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Machine Assembly

Automated Assembly

AVT an extensive experience from many different types of production lines, often with focus on assembly also machine processing. We are highly experienced in the assembly process and have developed an extensive range of solutions that have addressed many challenging applications through the years.  Prior to an investment it is important and beneficial to analyse possible bottle-necks, unoptimised transports and workflows. We perform balancing of production lines and optimise stations for an effective workflow simultaneously minimising unnecessary transports and following LEAN principles. We analyse workflows, capacity, processes, variants and develop suitable concepts and solutions.

An assembly line often includes pallet conveyors tailored to the products weight and size. Fixtures are mounted on the pallets for the products that are to be assembled and the requirements are dependent on the actual processes. Tolerances, accuracy and weight are critical at the same time access to the product through the entire production line. In some cases, a rotary fixture or other solution that enables the product to be accessed in different ways. Frequently a combination of manual and automatic stations is suitable depending on the process and complexity.

Assembly process

Typical processes


  • Screwdriving
  • Riveting
  • Pressing
  • Tape assembly
  • Gluing
  • Inserts
  • USW
  • Shrink fit