Robotcell för mediciteknik

Robot Assembly

Flexible Manufacturing with Robots

AVT has extensive experience in the integration of robots. We are ABB Value provider and help companies delivering smart automated solutions based on our scalable platforms. We help manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and safety in the working environment through automation.

Robot Applications

AVT integrates everything from individual robots into dedicated robotic cells to fully flexible systems with multiple collaborative robots into a single facility. Together with vision systems,  the robot can be guided to pick up different details, so-called  robot vision, thus creating a more flexible solution where the volume of the individual part does not have to be so high. Typical applications are:  assembly,  gluing,  handlingmachine service,milling, drilling,  riveting,  screwing.

Collaborative Robots

We build cells based on the customer's needs but are based on us developed and proven solutions. Most manual processes can be automated by robot. In some cases, even collaborative robots can be used that work safely with people without protection.

Robot Simulations

Robot simulation allows you to test the process virtually and verifying cycle times, reach for the robot and the work area before  building the cell.

AVT works with Robot Studio for simulation of processes and also uses VR to visualize robotic cells, plants and processes. With VR, the virtual reality gives you a better sense of the final result, experienced at an early stage of the project. We adopt to the customer's needs and the requirements and develop a solution in close cooperation with the customer. In smaller cells, platform or standard cell is often used that makes the cell easy to move as well as faster to set up.

Robot Gripper

To build a smart robot cell, grippers and fixtures are often critical parts that ensure a stable function when designed well. We often work with flexible grippers, multiple grippers or tool changer. Other type of grippers resulting in higher flexibility is a servo gripper.