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Vision system

Vision technique and cameras are used for many different tasks for machines. From verification of marking to control of product quality. Production of faulty products is secured by ensuring quality early in the process. Vision is utilised ever more frequently for guiding robots. Applications vary from machine tending, assembly applications and to guiding of specific movements.

We use both smart cameras and checkers as well as full scale PC based vision systems. When several cameras are required, a PC based vision system is preferred as this often reduces the overall cost.

For one off applications, smart cameras or simpler checkers can be favored.

When choosing the most suitable camera solution and objectives to use, the requirements for resolution and speed need to be evaluated. The resolution affects how exact the system must be and also the field of view and amount of data required to manage the images. Then the appropriate type of lighting is chosen. The lighting is critical and very important in having a stable application. We use many different light sources, from LED and IR to laser lighting and combined with different filters.

For some applications 3d vision is used. By passing the product through the line laser a number of images are created and these build up a 3d image. The 3d image can be used to identify defects, control measurements or for positioning.

In our lab we perform pre-studies and tests for your applications and evaluate the most suitable technology and solution.

Anders Hedström

Anders Hedström

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