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Leak Detection Machines

Leak Detection by Kontikab

KONTIKAB is a leading designer and manufacturer of Leak Detection Machines. We provide solutions for the Automotive Industry, Heat Venting Air Condition and Refrigeration Industry (HVAC&R), Heat Transfer Industry, Switch Gear Industry among others.

You can rely on us applying our long experience and accumulated process and application knowhow to provide you with leak detection products and systems that are customised to your needs. This still using our extensive high performance platform that will mean easy maintenance, optimised performance, spare parts availability and migration path for upgrade, which will a secure your investment for the future.

We make sure it meets the unique needs of your business and your processes. Working closely with your team, we can contribute to a more competitive and future proof production operation, while putting you in a stronger position to meet the increasingly tough demands on quality and environmental care.

Enviromental care

Concern for the environment is a top priority in the design, manufacture and operation of our products. Our use of helium gas, for example, does not affect the environment negatively.

Leak Detection at the forefront

With Kontikab, you get an engaged, innovative partner that you can rely on over the long-term. We work very closely with our customers during every stage – from the design of the layouts to engineering and manufacturing. Never loosing sight of your unique business requirements and processes. As we see it, the best to meet today’s challenges is through true collaboration, open dialogue and creative thinking. All of this with one goal in mind: to keep you at the forefront.

For more information please look at www.Kontikab.com

Application leak detection machines

Kontikab deliver Leak detection equipment the following products


  • Fuel Tanks
  • AC-Components
  • Switchgears
  • HVAC
  • Battery packs
  • Heat Exchangers
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Daniel Stålrud

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