AVT an extensive experience from integrating riveting in automated processes. A common method is radial riveting with for example a BalTec radial riveting machine. Prior to riveting, the materials are assembled and the position is secured. The assembly can then be riveted with diffrent pethods for example, orbital riveting or radial riveted with an oscillating movement with pressure and force and the pattern can be traced. 

AVT have developed tools and processes where two materials are pressed together without external rivets. By utilising smart tools and high forces, some materials are bonded without external materials.

Pop riveting is a method that is better suited for robots. Materials that are riveted together are usually pre-drilled or drilled during the process by the robot or other method. With a robot the holes are first drilled and then direct after riveted, this avoids problems with tolerance chains and hole adaptations.

 Tommy Arvidsson

Tommy Arvidsson

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