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Assembly Machines

Assembly Machines 

AVT develops different types of assembly machines for the manufacturing industry with a focus on quality and efficiency. Our deliveries are mainly done within europe. Regardless of the type of application, the supply of material in to the machine is important. Loading of material can be done manually directly in a fixture, through loading of trays or automatically via a stepped feeder, vibration feeder or unsorted goods on feed conveyor where a vision system guides a robot for picking the part.

In the next step, components must be picked and assembled in some form of process. The requirements of the Assembly guides which process is required and what quality controls are required. A part can be mounted firmly with a screw with or without control of the torque. In order to have complete control, servo technology and various types of torque transducers are used to control the process.

Assembly Bench

Simpler applications with few assembly moments, lower volumes or individual parts that are critical or too small may require a smaller assembly bench. Often the material is manually loaded by an operator who also starts the process. For example, the machine can compress two details with operator protection or assemble the details with a specific force where some form of transducer verifies that the assembly has been done correctly. A assembly bench is usually built with an ergonomic height-adjustable stand for optimum working heights, material racks adapted for ergonomic picking, easily accessible tools and good lighting.

Assembly Fixture

For smaller applications, we develop single assembly fixtures. The fixture can be placed on the existing table or work area and helps the installer to assemble components in a specific moment. AVT design, manufactures and test run the fixture before delivery. With a complete workshop of our own, designers and fitters, we can ensure a perfect function.

Typical assembly applications are screwdriving, riveting, stumming, pressing, bonding, taping, induction brazing and quality assurance via a vision system or other sensor sensors.

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