Specialmaskiner och förpackningsmaskiner för industrin

Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines

AVT have indepth experience from many different industries and applications, this gives us comprehensive archive of ideas that we can apply to your project. Through utilizing new technology and innovative solutions, can a seemingly difficult challenge become feasible. Using smart tools and innovative thinking, we analyse problems from different perspectives to generate the optimal solution.


Special Purpose Machines High volyme production

Special machines are often manufactured for production in high volume and short cycle times. Methods and tools are developed that are fully adapted for the product  and can thus be optimized for a short cycle time. The Machine does not need to be adapted for a high variation flora. Based on the application, capacity needs and desired degree of automation, we propose methods and solutions  tailored to your requirements.

Special Purpose Machines Machining

Special machines often integrate machining processes such as drilling, milling, deburing or punching. Some machining operations can be implemented  more efficiently in a specially built machine than in a standard machine. The ability to also integrate assembly or subsequent steps is well suited to the construction of a special machine for machining. The design of the  specialmachine is adapted to the application and can be in the form of different sets of  robots,  Round Table Machine  or a structure of different workstations where the product is moved with servo driven  Pick & Place or linear units.

Special Purpose Machines Robot

Special machines that require a high degree of flexibility are developed with robot or servo-driven systems. If the product has a high variant flora where several different sizes or products are to be built the machine up with programmable prescription-controlled functions such as robot or servo-driven units. Often used feeder systems where vision system guides robot that picks the detail with grippers that are flexible to handle several different products. In this way it is possible to automate the production of products like here a lower volume of high variant flora. Flexibility makes it easier to calculate an investment even if the complexity and technology level of the machine increases.

AVT develops and manufactures robust and sustainable solutions for your production where high availability, quality and productivity are watchwords.

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