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AVT offers complete rotary die cut solutions and handling of material from roll to roll. We have developed a modular concept with advanced control system which offeres market leading die cut tolerances. Our solution is fully servo controlled both in die cut stations, wind up and wind of. With our algoritms to control diffrent diameters on rolls we do not need any specific sensors for web tensions for the materials going in to process. The system allows for multiple re-registration in between die cut stations with the fastest feedback loop on the market resulting in minimal amount of defect parts and material waste. By reducing widths of ingoing material and still controlling process cost saving potential is very high.

We syncronise often 36 servo axis and hold tolerances within ± 0,1 mm. We have recepie handling enabling easy reset of processes ensuring the same quality every time with short set up times.

Some of the leading converters in the world are producing the more complex die cut parts in our machines from gaskets, felts, dustnets, optical clear adhesives to special solutions. The solution is also suitable for use in clean room and for medical component production.

If you are interested in improving your product tolerances, increase production speed, reduce material waste or shorten set up times please contact us to learn more about our compettitive solutions. We would be glad to give you some references!

Martin Book

Martin Book


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